It's People Not Rocket Science

ABChange Consultancy has an intuitive sense of what is needed by gathering the facts to uncover the true heart of your issues.

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ABChange Model

Our unique framework maps out the specific actions a leader/manager needs to take with their team.


We recognise people need time and space to effect change.  We use coaching in skill development to help leaders build the skills to lead and manage their people through change.

Effective Conversations

Through partnership, we are able to use the Conversational Tool diagnostic to help teams analyse their effectiveness.

Organisational Design

With partnership we are able to consult with your organisation to help ensure you have the right design for your company.

Latest insights...

Jennifer is an excellent coach - she's perceptive and determined to first establish what I want and then help me find a way to succeed. Her guidance is intelligent and professional and always refers to the bigger picture. - Local Government Counsellor