About Us

ABChange Consultancy uses a holistic approach for change.  Accordingly, our approach to complex programmes is focused on developing the skills and capability of  leaders, managers and teams throughout the change process.  The primary objective of this approach is to enable a mitigation of risk when delivering change.  As a result, we will work collaboratively with the different functions of the organisation to identify and establish a baseline of current activity.  This will include working with you to leverage relationships across the business and build close links with impacted teams (whether directly or indirectly), with the aim of setting the change within the existing cultural context and motivating and empowering managers to bring their teams through the change.  We will understand a comprehensive analysis of the decision making and differences between the current and future states with senior leaders, to ensure their input in to the design of the programme is incorporated.

We will conduct a full business analysis that incorporates the recent past and present environment, culture and people factors within the organisation. This includes a full review of functions and working practices. Then the key stakeholders will be consulted to articulate the required future vision of the organisation. This will ensure responsibility for the future of the organisation will be maintained with the leaders and staff in order to ensure sustainability.