Launch of the ABChange Consultancy website

ABChange Consultancy understands change can be difficult and scary.  Afterall, the reason why the Consultancy is called ABChange is not due to the letters in the alphabet, but actually based on the biggest change in my life – my children, who we sometimes refer to Child A and Child B due to the first letter of their names…hence ABChange.

Which leads to the topic of this blog…What makes a good leader/manager?

This is not a new question, I know.  In fact it is typically the first question asked in any basic manager/leader training programme.  But the streamline I would like to focus on is more about the impact of change on leadership.  When have you heard someone is doing a great job keeping things exactly the same?  Personally I don’t think I have heard that – quite the opposite.  Someone typically is noticed by the change they have made within the organisation – positively or negatively.  Which is interesting when coupled with the idea and, to be fair, complaint that change is constant.  One would have to follow then that, of course change is constant, because we as managers and leaders are rewarded for change.  Therefore it is in our best interest to perpetuate change.

Yet is it best for the organisation?  The team?  Personally I think time will tell on this one, but it does start to make me wonder if change is not just considered a part of life or considered a desire in life?  I am sure there are times when it is both, but what does that do for us, our teams and our organisations.  Does it make it all better, or just different or the same by another definition?

Whatever the case may be, change is definitely with us to stay – the question I would like to pose is why?



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