New Competency Framework: Team Dynamics


Due to a re-structuring within Government, an Agency needed to change from a government agency to a government quasi-agency.  This involved them operating similarly to a private sector organisation.  As a result, the working dynamics on any given project will involve the Agency working directly with a consultancy and a construction company to deliver, creating a “forced marriage” scenario.  It is recognised that in order for the working relationships to work well together, the team members will need to have clear communication channels, practices and ways of working.


The teams were from different organisations with different deliverables that at times could conflict, as well as be dependent on the other organization to deliver.  This required a high degree of collaboration and communication across the entire project team.


A programme was designed to help enable effective team dynamics for project teams.  For efficient and effective implementation, the programme has been designed into 3 phases (analysis, workshop and continuous improvement) for reflective practice to be incorporated into the learning process.

The purpose of the programme was to enable the project team to build and agree on effective communication skills to generate concise and efficient ways of working.


The team already had some established ways of working but the workshop highlighted some development areas in how the team could work even better.  The team identified some potential barriers and issues amongst themselves and within the project and as a result, made personal pledges on actions they would individually take forward as a result of the workshop.  The programme helped the team:

  • Develop clear and agreed ways of working
  • Better working practices
  • Identify key barriers and issues and resolve them effectively
  • Agree communication process and plan for the team to follow for the future