New Vision for the Future: Workplace Change


Change projects for this financial sector organisation had previously been focused on technology and processes and not on the people.  However they needed to implement agile working on a large scale across several building and business areas in the parts of the UK.  Specifically, 7,000 staff in London and Sheffield needed to be converted to agile working, saving in excess 800 workstations, and equating to £8.4m of savings over a 3 year period.  The primary objective was to deliver a total 20% office floor space saving with a 1:1.25 desk sharing ratio.


  • Needed to help enable the organization to realise work is something you do not somewhere you go.
  • Needed to change the mindset for delivering change from IT to people
  • Deliver a comprehensive change programme to multiple sites
  • Managers did not have the management or change skills to deliver
  • Link different supporting business areas to deliver project outcomes, which was outside BAU for them


We changed the focus from IT to people development, whilst recognising the three components (people, technology and new space) are required for delivery.  The programme included ensured managers had the right basic management skills and change skills to effect the change.  We also ensured the people had the right support and tools to deliver which incorporated multiple methods of communication mediums that involved the senses:  touch, sound and sight.  We are engaged the senior leaders from the start and developed a bespoke unique management charter with them.  There were several social events to increase excitement along with branding to increase visibility.


  • The programme aims joined up the company through flexible, progressive work environments that increased employee mobility, productivity and engagement.
  • Provided the business with cost savings as well as options in how and where people work, balancing business, team and individual needs and providing appropriate training, technology, and support
  • There was improved employee engagement; better work life balance; managed by deliverables not presenteeism;  encouraged trust; and   reduced environmental impact