Organisation Design and Outplacement


Due to a change in government, the central agency needed to undergo a number of transformational changes that included creating a new customer network, shutting down a regional office and re-focusing the products and services the agency offered.  Redundancy was not something that typically occurred at this point in central government therefore the organisation was NOT ready to deal with the people issues.


  • So much information, did not know what were the first steps
  • Changes were happening to lots of people in different capacities in different offices across the UK
  • Line Managers and Senior Managers were not always in control of the changes
  • Needed to be able to plan and manage the people through the change effectively


  • Divided into 3 key areas: surplus/redundant staff, Line Managers of surplus/redundant staff, and leaders managing organisational change
  • Virtual Space was created: Web page that brings all the opportunities to one place:  job searches, practical support, emotional support, MyNetwork
  • Physical Space was created – Outplacement: Training events, networking events, 7 laptops with easy external access, training room, Executive participation and endorsement
  • Senior Development – programme of change skills to enable managers to lead people through change whether that was for redeployment or redundancy. The focus was on generating change through a collaborative approach with staff, stakeholder mapping and analysis and managing resistance.


People felt they were taken care of during the major transition for the organisation.  They understood the opportunities available to them.  The level of dissatisfaction with the process of redundancy/redeployment was decreased as the messages were more clearly communicated to the staff affected and they received the required amount of support.  They felt their well being was a high priority of the organisation because senior management participated in running key workshops for the affected staff at the outplacement centre.