Project Team Dynamics Programme

AIM:  To enable the project team to build effective communication skills in order to generate concise and efficient ways of working.


  • Utilise a scientific approach to determine the effectiveness of team workingProject Team Dynamics Circles
  • Develop clears ways of working and effective practices
  • Develop positive and mutually respectful team working relationships
  • Increase team capability in problem solving and decision making


Does your team communicate effectively?  Do you know with 100% certainty that the communication is effective and “good”?  Many times cross functional teams communicate by just giving each other updates on key activities, and this can and is effective.  BUT typically the teams do not share their thoughts on how things are being done or their foresights and insights into activities, team dynamics and project/task items.  As a result, the team fails to either foresee issues or frustrations continue to occur within the team without anyone really being able to resolve them.

This programme has been designed to help enable effective team dynamics for cross-functional teams – this can be a project team made up of a consortium of different companies or teams with competing functions (i.e. operations and IT).

For efficient and effective implementation, the programme has been designed into 3 phases (analysis, workshop and continuous improvement) for reflective practice to be incorporated into the learning process.