Behavioural Change Management

Mitigating the Risk in ChangeThe primary objective of this approach is to enable a mitigation of risk when delivering change, which typically centres between the phases of resistance and engagement.

To help mitigate the risk and resistance to change, ABChange Consultancy recognises there are 7 psychological reasons why people resist change and works with the leaders and managers by building their skill set to help manage through this risk zone.

We also own the unique ABChange model which is a framework that helps leaders map out a plan on how they will manage their team members within their own specific change.





Business Analysis

We have a pool of different tools we can use to analyse the different areas of a business ranging from interview and business models to diagnostics.

Talent and Performance Management

We have created several different types of talent and performance management processes and programmes in order to fit the specific needs of the organisation.  By utilising some of our business analysis tools and consulting with the key stakeholders across the organisation, we are able to develop the right solutions for you.


Many leaders and managers are dealing with complex  projects, teams and challenges that requires more personal guidance and advice.  Coaching sessions can be arranged to help find the right solutions through questioning and facilitating individuals or small groups.

“Jennifer is very skilled in coaching and has the ability to ask insightful questions which really help her clients to develop. She is fun to work with and in my experience she is completely trustworthy.”   – Director within HR Consultancy

Programme Development and Delivery

  • Project Team Dynamics Programme:  This programme uses a unique diagnostic that measures the effectiveness of the conversations and dialogue within a team.
  • Presentation Skills:  This programme uses techniques and methods that have been adapted from actors use for performing on stage for use in a business context.
  • Influencing Skills:  With an understanding of different psychometrics and proven theories in influencing, this programme gives delegates a clear framework and action plan on how to influence within their organisation effectively.
  • Leadership and Management Development:  Depending on the level of leaders and managers within the organisation, a solution can be designed and developed to fit around the business demands, whether this is for 2.5 hours or for 2 days.

“Jennifer is an experienced facilitator who designs and delivers workshops with a flair that achieves both results and a positive experience for her participants. Through her considered, yet intellectually provocative, ideas she assists others through coaching and developing tools and methodologies in organisational development and leadership. She complements her technical capability with an understanding of how to diagnose a client’s requirements and collaboratively develop the response to their needs.”   – Director within an Infrastructure Business