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Leading Change with Foresight

In the past, we have been confident in our predictions about how the external environment is evolving and been able to come to consensus about the way ahead. Increasingly we are far from certain about how the outside world is evolving and are less able to reach consensus about how to proceed. It's this situation that we believe calls for a new focus to leading change in organisations, and that’s not easy.

There needs to be a new mind-set to accept and embrace exponential change, to do so with more than an eye on plausible multiple technology-centric futures, and enable a more human-centric future.

Key note

Insight and exploration in leading people-centric change with foresight for growth.

Leadership briefing

2 hour taster session bring together foresight and leading change to start planning and leading transformational change.

Executive Programme

4 half day programme learning and practicing tools and techniques that bring foresight and leading change together to create resilient change plans

Jennifer Bryan

Published author and expert in people-centric change.  I thrive on helping people and organisations share their story and journey of change.

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Steve Wells

Published author and Futurist.  I thrive on helping individuals and organisations make informed choices about the emerging future.

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