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Thought Leadership


Based on over 20 years of working with over 30 different companies, "Leading People in Change: A Practical Guide" takes leaders on a journey to developing their own plans for leading their people and teams through change.

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Corporate Real Estate Journal:  "Successfully Managing Change in the Workplace"

The journey of how a change is going to impact the people within a business/organisation is not always planned at the level which is required.  To really invoke change and enable people...

iCroner:  "Journey of Leadership in the Workplace"


For well over 100 years the workplace and environment in which we work has constantly evolved along with the skills and approach that has been required of managers and leaders of organisations.  One thought  is the perceived social norms within society have changed; another is...

Coaching at Work:  "Lead Behaviour"

Jennifer Bryan’s ABChange Model doesn’t tell leaders how to lead change – it shows them how to lead their change effectively. When faced with company upheavals, such clarity is invaluable.

Workplace Insight Magazine:  "Building Resilience in a Changing Environment"

For decades, it has been agreed that change is a constant.  So doesn’t it stand to reason that before a change or crisis happens, an organization should have the ability/resilience to transform?

Workplace Insight Magazine:  "Hybrid Working and How We Escape the Constraints of Leadership"

What are the constraints, the “ropes”, of organisational change?  They are a mix of the internal and external, the hard and soft – covering everything from industry regulation through to layers of company policy and customary practice, but what’s being constrained?

Workplace Insight Magazine:  "Is Change Your Enemy or Your Friend?"

Is change your friend or your enemy?  If you are a young person leaving home for the first time and are excited about the prospects of striking out on your own – change is most likely your friend.  But if you are the parent, watching your child leave the nest, and your close protection, then change could very possibly be your enemy.


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